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How to Delete Contacts on iPhone Permanently?

Every year Apple will release their new generation of iPhone and takes many new attractive features for all iPhone users. So as a loyal Apple fan, you may also eager to get the new-released one to enjoy the new features, right? Then how to deal with your old iPhone? From the latest survey, reselling the old iPhone in the online store or sending it to someone you like could be the most common methods for users to deal with the old iPhone. No matter which is your final decision, if you don't want any others to get access to your contacts list, you'd better to wipe iPhone contacts permanently with a professional iPhone Contacts Eraser program.

It is no doubt that deleting a contact from iPhone is a simple thing for every users, but you should be noted that this deleted contacts can be restored from iTunes, iCloud or other backup files with a special program by any people. So when your old iPhone fall into other's hand, your personal contact info will be faced a high rsik of data losing. Thus, in order to avoid these situations, you'd better to erase contacts on iPhone with the recommended iPhone Data Eraser program.

It is a safe yet professional erasing program, that allows iPhone users to wipe or delete contacts with 1 simple click and never be restored. And it also enables users to erase other personal privacy data completely. Now, just click the below icon to begin the whole process.

How to Erase Contacts on iPhone Permanently?

At present, only the Mac version have the function of erase specific data from your iDevice, the Windows version only enables users to erase the whole contents and settings from iPhone at one time. So here we'll take the Mac version as an example.

1st of all, connect your iPhone to the computer and make it be recognized by the program, then you can choose "Erase Privacy Data" in the left panel.

2nd, hit "Start" button to scan for files and then select "Contacts" to preview the whole contact list before the erasing.

3rd, when you have ticked all contacts in the program, you can hit "Erase Now" button to begin the whole erasing process.


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