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How to Permanently Erase All Contents & Settings on iPhone with 1 Simple Click?

It is necessary for you to make sure that your iPhone is totally clean when you're going to sell it or exchange it for a new one, but do you know how to erase all contents and settings in your iPhone devices? It may be a trouble thing for lots of iPhone users, but today, you can get out of it after reading this article. Here, we could like to show you a way to wipe everything on your iPhone with 1 simple click.

You can bring your iPhone back to its default factory state by performing an "Erase All Contents and Settings" order under the "Settings" on your iPhone. But you should be noticed that the erased data are not disappeared permanently and you still can get them back through some special ways. So if you wish to wipe iPhone contents and settings permanently, you'd better to ask help from a professional tool like iPhone Data Eraser.

With this kinds of program, you'll get the ability to get access to all corners in your iPhone, and use 3 different levels to erase them as you like. It can make your iPhone runs like a brand new. What's more, this program can manage several devices at the same time, so you can wipe iPhone, iPad or iPod data as you like.

How Can I Erase iPhone Contents & Settings for Windows/Mac?

Step 1. Using a USB cable to link your iPhone to the computer, and then launch the program, make your connected iPhone be recognized by the program.

Step 2. Now, you need to select an erasing level from 3 different levels according to your needs. Then click "OK" button to confirm your option and go to the next step.

Step 3. check the detected device info and click "Start" button to begin the whole erasing process.

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